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02.Definition of "Craft" and "Journey"
03.Project Team

Reaching north, south, east and west
Linking a century ago to one ahead.

This is no “tourist” destination.
Tucked inside a studio neatly lined with his most used tools, the artisan transforms wood and earth into works of art.
Outside, the historic charm of a quintessentially Japanese streetscape is painted with a wash of new color each season.

Here is where the artisan’s craft is born.
Step through the door that’s otherwise closed to guests and enter in for an exclusive talk with the craftsman and chance to take a stroll through the townscape.

Your travels here, even if just for a single day,
have linked you back to 365 days and even 100 years before.
Each step will bring you nearer, connected as point along the way to the 100 years ahead.

Traces of old traditions etched in the ground, a aesthetic legacy passed down for generations and the encounter with the artisan will draw out a sense of time running parallel to this world.

Local crafts instill a natural mystery into places.
This is why we feel called to protect these precious crafts.

Reaching north, south, east and west. From a century ago to one ahead.
We have tasked ourselves with bringing travelers to the birthplace of handicrafts.

Japan is brimming with marvelous culture that’s ready to meet the world and a new future ahead.

We are looking for people to connect travelers and manufacturing regions together.