Reveal a new side of Japan
through the world of mastercrafts.

About Us

Reaching north, south, east and west
Linking a century ago to one ahead.

This is no “tourist” destination. Tucked inside a studio neatly lined with his most used tools, the artisan transforms wood and earth into works of art. Outside, the historic charm of a quintessentially Japanese streetscape is painted with a wash of new color each season.

Here is where the artisan’s craft is born.
Step through the door that’s otherwise closed to guests and enter in for an exclusive talk with the craftsman and chance to take a stroll through the townscape.

Your travels here, even if just for a single day,
have linked you back to 365 days and even 100 years before. Each step will bring you nearer, connected as point along the way to the 100 years ahead.

Craft & Journey

Today's journey is made up of the lives we have lived, which informs the life we will live in the future.

The landscape is ever changing- it never remains the same. It is only by traveling to a place, by going there in person, that we can truly understand it.
We have prepared two types of travel plans: a ‘Day trip plan’ and an ‘Accommodation plan’, which will allow you to experience the real world of craft-manufacturing.

Choose Journey plan

1day plan
Stay plan

In addition to offering journeys to local craftsmaking areas, there will also be pop-up and online exhibitions.Find out more here.

Event 01.


In select shops around the world you will be able to see, touch and buy the crafts created by Japanese craftspeople based on the history and culture of Japan, that are featured in our travel itineraries.

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Event 02.

Online Exhibition

We are pleased to introduce a new online journey itinerary to bring the possibility of experiencing Japanese craft worldwide.Experience a new approach to tourism that you can’t find in a guidebook.

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Click here for the online showcase (conferences) for overseas agents.

We are looking for people to connect travelers and manufacturing regions together.