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Definition of “Craft” and “Journey”

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Definition of “Craft” and “Journey”

02.Definition of "Craft" and "Journey"
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LOCAL CRAFT JAPAN's Definition of “Craft” and “Journey”

“LOCAL CRAFT JAPAN” selects local craftsmaking areas and builds travel plans based on the following criteria in order to introduce the unique richness of each region in Japan. We invite you to visit the sites of craftsmanship and experience what we consider to be “craft” and “journey”.

Definition of “Craft”

Craft 01.

Crafts provide a legacy of regions unique attributes for the future

Craftspeople create things in the context of the nature, climate, and lifestyle-culture in a local area, and provide a link between a region's unique history of local craftsmanship to the present and future.

Craft 02.

Crafts are things that are created by the hand

Things that are produced with a commitment to processing and technique, which can only be created by human hands. Where materials are chosen with sensitivity and with values that match the times we live in. 

Craft 03.

Crafts are things that are present in our daily lives

Crafts are in daily use, and yet, are something that evolve and refine to suit changing times.

Definition of “Journey”

Journey 01.

More than just sightseeing, a journey takes you deep into the origins of a craft

By visiting the sites and origins of traditional craftsmanship, you will discover a part of Japan yet to be seen in the guidebooks.

Journey 02.

A journey will take you to meet and spend time with local people

Contemplate the story of local craft, by visiting and engaging with each craftsperson who makes things with a love of nature, its materials, its history, and its people.

Journey 03.

A journey connects the past, the present and the future, and invites you to embrace the moment 1/365

A visit to see the daily life of a local craftsmaking area is a way of savoring a day, the mid-point of a centuries-old story that links the past with the future. Embrace this one day in a year: yesterday, today and tomorrow will never be the same day again.

We are looking for people to connect travelers and manufacturing regions together.