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Discover the Undiscovered Japan Online through Craft

We are pleased to introduce you to a new way of traveling through Japanese craft online. We invite you to experience a new way of touring Japan that you won't find in any guidebook. Using Remo, an online video tool, we will take you on a Taster Tour of the craftsmaking areas, wherever you are in the world.

Feature 01.

Meet the Craftspeople of the Region

You can talk directly, online with traditional craftspeople from around the world, and get to know their thoughts and the unique culture of their region.

Feature 02.

Experience the World of Craftsmanship

A chance to see workshops and their processes that you would not usually be able to visit or see. Experience the wonders of craftsmanship online.

Feature 03.

Discover the Undiscovered Charms of Japan

Discover a part of Japan that you won't find in the guidebooks, a part of Japan that only craftspeople know.

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List of Travel Plans

Please find below a list of travel plans introduced by LOCAL CRAFT JAPAN that will allow you to experience authentic Japanese craftsmanship.

Sado Island, Niigata Prefecture

Mumyoi ware

Discover the Food Culture and Local Craft of Sado Island.

For 400 years, people from all over Asia have flocked to the gold mines of Sado Island bringing with them a multitude of cultures. Visiting the paddy fields of Sado, which are part of a UN recognized global agricultural heritage system (GIAHS), and the Kunizou kiln, in operation for over 130 years, you will experience the rich diversity of nature, food, and culture that is a microcosm of Japan.

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Uji, Kyoto Prefecture


Here and Now. Sounds of Zen.

The Orin is a Buddhist instrument used to express gratitude to ancestors in accordance with the teachings of Buddhism, widely followed in Japan. The tour will offer you an in-depth experience of Zen culture and the Uji area of Kyoto by taking you to see the Orin manufacturing process and experience monastic life in a Japanese Zen temple.

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Kiso-Hirasawa, Nagano Prefecture

Kiso Lacquerware

A journey to encounter “the authentic” in Naraijuku and Kiso Hirasawa.
A place where “Hare” and “Ke” exist in harmony.

Kiso-Hirasawa is a town producing lacquerware for 400 years in a valley surrounded by the deep mountains of Japan. This tour is a chance to meet the craftspeople who continue to preserve traditional methods and those who seek to develop innovative new lacquer works in a situation where the number of workshops is decreasing due to declining demand. This tour is also a great way to enjoy the scenery and food of Narai-juku.

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Yoshino, Nara prefecture

Yoshino Cedar

The Story of 500 Years.
The Mountain Forests of the Craft Masters.

On this tour you will be guided by architects Mr. Sato and Ms. Okamoto of “Mokuzou-architect Kochi”. They design houses with a life-span of more than 300 years using the same traditional Japanese construction method as the world's oldest wooden structure, Horyuji-Temple. The tour will take you to the sites of the mountain foresters, carpenters, and woodworkers who live with the mountains of Yoshino.

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Bingo, Hiroshima prefecture


Journey to Setouchi,
Japan's Largest Denim Production Area.

In Fukuyama, Japan's largest textile production area, you will find people who weave denim from yarn, people who wear and age jeans, and people who create new products from old discarded denim. We invite you to meet these people, who are creating new possibilities for the denim textile industry and also to experience the beautiful natural landscape and food of Setouchi.

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Arimatsu & Chita, Aichi Prefecture

Textile Dyeing

Kura in Japan – experience the tradition and innovation through a deeply rooted culture of fermentation, textiles, and dyeing.

Journey from Chita, the origin of the world-leading tie-dyeing culture of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori, to Arimatsu, a town of tradition and innovation, discovering the food culture that has nurtured the people of this region along the way. This is a tour where you can feel, with all five senses, the power and techniques of tradition connecting the past to the present.

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Echizen, Fukui Prefecture

Japanese washi paper

Follow the painter Rembrandt's love for the Japanese paper. A journey to Echizen to witness the skills of Washi craftsmen in an extraordinary space with 1,500 years of history

Echizen washi has been handmade here for over 1,500 years, and the craftspeople tailor-make highly specialized products for all kinds of uses. In Echizen, where crystal clear streams flow (essential for producing excellent quality washi), you can enjoy gourmet food, sake and hot-spring bathing rooted in the culture of this region, alongside its washi heritage that combines tradition and innovation.

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Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture


A healing journey – meet the tradition and future of incense on the island Japan's first incense originated.

Awaji Island, the place where fragrant wood was first introduced. Enjoy a retreat tour where you can see incense-making nurtured in the rich climate surrounded by the sea. The tour includes a visit to a traditional tile-making workshop where they also make incense stands, as well as a Zen wellness experience to heal both body and mind.

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Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture

Silk textile

A spiritual journey to Chichibu through the 1,300-year-old craft of silk textile in a region with 300 traditional festivals still thrive.

Faith and crafts. Visitors can feel a sense of the spirituality of the region through conversations with priests at the shrines and visiting festivals. Visitors can also experience the unique atmosphere and traditional techniques of Chichibu through “sericulture” (silk farming) and silk weaving, with a visit to Kagemori Sericulture Farm, the only remaining sericulture farm in the area.

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How to use Remo

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Event Overview

What's On in Each Country

Date 19/January/2022 13:00-15:00 (*JPN TIME)
Program Content
  • Online tours to the craft centres that you can explore at your leisure
  • A 10-minute presentation on the attractions of each region.
Number of participants Up to 200 people
Language English
Participation fee Free of charge
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